The Regional Advisory Council for the Mediterranean (RAC MED- CCR MED) has been created in August 2008 and became operational in April 2009 according to the July 19th of 2004 Council decision n. 585/2004, establishing the Regional Advisory Councils (RAC). The creation of the RAC's is one of the pillars of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy of 2002.

The RAC MED is a stakeholder-led organization and its role is to enable the European Commission to benefit from the knowledge and experience of stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of fisheries management measures. BUONFIGLIO 2The RAC MED is composed for two thirds by representatives from the fishing sector of its seven Member States (Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Malta and Cyprus), and starting from July 2013 the Member States will be eight with the entry of Croatia. The members of two tirds are composed by the fishing industry, producer organizations, ship owners, small-scale fishermen, processors and women networks, and for one third, it is composed by other parties concerned with the Common Fisheries Policy such as environmental organizations, aquaculture producers, consumers and recreational fishermen.

The RAC MED encompasses those waters of the Mediterranean Sea situated east of the meridian 5°36’ west.

The RAC MED has the aim to decide on and present, on behalf of its members, opinions on fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea in order to contribute to the achievement of the CFP, as established in art. 2 of the Council regulation (EC) no. 2371/2002 and, thus, guarantee a sustainable fisheries management.

The MED RAC also has the purpose of drawing up recommendations aimed at improving the application of the European legislation in the Mediterranean for the relevant fishery undertakings, and any other activity necessary to carry out and achieve their objectives.

The MED RAC shall have the competence to discuss the management of migratory species present in the Mediterranean. When these questions regard other RACs, the RAC MED and the other RACs involved may draw up common recommendations.

During the General Assembly held on the 21st March 2013, the RAC MED members elected as President Mr. Giampaolo Buonfiglio (AGCI Agrital), and as vice-presidents: Mr.Genaro Amigo Chouciño (FNCP), Mrs. Snežana Levstik (KGZS) and Mrs. Susana Sainz-Trapaga (WWF). The Presidency, so elected,will have a mandate of four years starting from 2013 to 2017.


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